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Metropole Capital Group's financial services have grown out of a challenge to small and medium sized businesses in pursuing their business strategies with limited financial resources. As management decisions have become increasingly sensitive to the bottom-line, MCG works closely with executives looking for ways to examine their businesses and understand the language of finance. MCG's financial services include:

  • Financial modeling and projections for new or existing businesses
  • Business valuation
  • Capital budgeting and capital structure optimization
  • Operating performance analysis
MCG's philosophy is to make finance part of the overall business strategy by arming business owners and managers with clear financial techniques and hands-on tools. Essentially, MCG combines relative financial performance indicators with basic financial data (revenue, variable and fixed costs) and designs financial models in a way that a client can easily revise modeling assumptions and eventually work with the model independently. Depending on client needs, MCG constructs the following:
  • Pro-forma sensitivity models based on redesigned projected financial statements
  • Sales forecast scenarios
  • Pricing scenarios based on elasticity
  • Breakeven models for profit planning

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