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Metropole Capital Group specializes in providing strategic consulting and financial advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses at every stage of their business development. MCG has established a captivating framework of services helping client companies develop innovative business strategies, assess their capital needs, determine financing options (including crowdfunding), and successfully acquire start-up, working or growth capital.

MCG is dedicated to superior client service by offering deep knowledge of business processes, creative problem solving skills, coupled with an open mind and ease of communication. The ultimate goal is building enterprise value through identifying proactive ways to lower the cost of capital, increase profitability and improve asset efficiency. Collaborating with its clients, MCG delivers reliable and highly customized solutions that are invaluable in forging reasonable strategic and capital decisions.

MCG has assembled a world-class team of advisors with outstanding professional and academic credentials in business development, financial analysis, investment banking, and capital markets. Having served at Fortune 500 companies and leading financial institutions, the advisors team enhances MCG's ability to provide advanced tools and sophisticated top-notch business techniques that are typically not accessible to small and medium businesses.

MCG offers global reach, covering North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe (Russia), China, India and Brazil, with a particular focus on international private companies looking to enter the U.S. and Russian market.

Metropole Capital Group uses a three-phase approach:

  • Understanding the business need. MCG conducts an in-depth Q&A session with the executive team and reviews all available data to gain full insight into the business need and to understand the client's objective.
  • Conducting research and analysis. MCG relies on information collected from multiple internal and external sources to develop relevant quantitative and qualitative analyses. Furthermore, MCG conducts customized surveys to find out customer behavior and market trends.
  • Presenting the outcome. MCG's presents concise, actionable recommendations based on collected facts and in-depth analyses.

MCG痴 array of services addresses the needs of start-up and emerging businesses and aims to find innovative yet simple ways to build enterprise value. MCG services include:

  • Development of compelling business plans and financial projections designed from an institutional investor perspective
  • Business plan appraisal
  • Business valuation, financial analysis and business performance measurement
  • Industry and market research, including studies of global markets
  • Assessment of capital structure and capital raising coaching

MCG's business model is based on two overarching goals:

  • To deliver excellent work that leads to a higher enterprise value for the client
  • To contribute to the intellectual capital of a client company

By conducting rigorous research and translating complex financial information into easy-to-understand, hands-on concepts, MCG improves management's ability to make well-informed business situations that are supported by sound analysis.

Metropole Capital Group strongly believes in ethical business conduct and applies its principles to every client engagement.

Our ethics:

  • Deliver intellectually honest recommendations and complete work
  • Accept only work that can be managed with high quality and in appropriate time frame
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest
  • Encourage client learning and independence
  • Respect client limitations on time, funds and other recourses
  • Keep all discussions and internal information strictly confidential
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