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Metropole Capital Group has created a performance measurement system to help executive teams recognize key value drivers, sensitivity of such value drivers to changes in certain critical variables and operational implications of the projected shifts. MCG has designed the Management Measuring System (MMS), which quantifies a number of variables long considered immeasurable, so the management can set clear targets, monitor their implementation, and use the information for hands-on strategic decisions.

Given the nature of the enterprise and existing managerial priorities, the master set of measurements for the corporation generally includes:

  •  Financial indicators and metrics
  •  Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty indexes
  •  Market position and competition indexes
  •  Employee productivity and employee turnover rates
  •  Learning and growth indexes

Based on cause-and-effect relationships, MCG's Management Measuring System is a comprehensible yet powerful tool which allows management to uncover new sources of value and recognize where the value is locked.

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